I can work on a variety of terms depending on the type of work and the needs of the client or publisher. I won’t quote specific figures here because this will depend on the client, the context and their requirements, but here is a generic guide:

Word count

This is a common basis for freelance content submissions with an agreed rate per word and often the simplest alternative for relatively straightforward content like news stories, reviews or advertorials. The fee may include pictures and other illustrative material ‘gratis’ if it’s relatively straightforward, like press shots, but if the picture requirements are more specific or complicated there may be an additional fee, or it may be simpler to swap to a ‘page rate’ (below).

I generally work to a publication’s standard word count rate, or a rate suitable for that particular sector. The only time I’d quote a higher fee is if a very fast turnaround is required which would mean overnight working and postponing other work.

Page rate

This is commonly used in magazine and general print publishing, where the author is expected to supply, co-ordinate and suggest illustrations. Sometimes features like these are ‘word heavy’, sometimes there are few words but a lot of illustrative material, but the work for the author is often very similar in both cases, so a fixed page rate is usually the fairest and most straightforward arrangement.

I usually accept a publication’s standard page rates except where they fall below a certain threshold. I’m happy to negotiate and suggest alternatives where budgets are tight.

Daily rate

Daily rates apply where I work on-site in publishers’ offices or in the field attending press launches or as a photographer attending exhibitions, illustrating magazine articles or carrying out any other work where I’m providing a service rather than content.

I aim to keep my rates in line with those of other professionals working in the same field and the needs and resources of the client.

I’m very happy to talk through all three alternatives and likely costs for each, so please email me to discuss your requirements, see my Published Work blog for more samples or just head back to the Home page.