How I work

I cover all aspects of photography news, with a special emphasis on cameras, lenses, accessories, photo-editing software and other product news. I have regular automated news feeds which keep me up to date with the latest events but I also rely heavily on press releases from manufacturers and brands and pre-disclosure information under embargo. I attend press events for specific brands and product launches, and major photography shows including The Photography Show and Photokina. I also write product reviews, tutorials, technique articles and technical explainers. These are typically commissioned and published in one of three ways:

I regularly pitch news stories and other ideas to magazine and online editors and I stay informed with automated news feeds and press releases, but I’m also glad to receive direct approaches from manufacturers and brands with specific content ideas. A significant proportion of my work is from ideas I pitch to editors.

Most editors have their own news sources and content ideas, but they will not necessarily see every story or all of the angles, and they may not have anyone on the team with the time or expertise to turn the story around quickly. Much of my work comes from direct editorial commissions based on my past work and areas of expertise.

Direct publishing
I also publish news stories directly on this site, both as a news service for general visitors and as a source of content or ideas for editors.

As a rule, if anything happens in the world of photography, especially if it’s product-related, I aim to cover it by one of these three routes!